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Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, waterproofing is important. Bathrooms and wet areas are exposed to high levels of moisture because of direct wetting high humidity levels and condensation. Therefore, it is highly recommend to have water resistance support and fully waterproofed.

Properly planning your bathroom waterproofing project is also essential to prevent massive water damages in the area. From floor tiles, tile adhesives and even plywood or particleboard, they should all be discussed with your contractor. Water can do huge damage in a building especially when it goes undetected for long periods of time. They can cause the following:

Water can create mould and mildew that can release spores into the air that can cause harmful respiratory diseases. It can cause concrete cancer that makes floors and walls brittle and cracked which weakens the property’s foundations.

If the property has a wood structure such as joists, bearers, posts, bearers, and beams they can eventually warp and rot. This puts the integrity of the property in jeopardy. It can make electric wiring faulty; Water drippings can cause fire or electrocution; It can damage plumbing and cause corrosion.

In getting professional bathroom renovator to do the job, Tiling Services Sydney can give you warranties on all our services. We also have good knowledge of what high-quality products to be used in the area. In addition, we will provide proper installation of waterproofing membranes, bond breaker, shower recess, drainage systems, and horizontal surfaces.

Call us now and get your waterproofing services done once and done right the first time with a local Waterproofer in Sydney you can rely on!

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